About NicheWork LLC

NicheWork LLC was created in 1999 by Mark Hershberger as the business entity through which he works on contracts and projects.

Mark Hershberger

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Mark Hershberger, aka "hexmode", is a developer and consultant. He has an extensive range of experience working to apply Free and Open Source software to real-world problems for organizations and corporations around the world. He is very passionate about community involvement;

His technical specialities include: MediaWiki, PHP, VOIP, Asterisk, AJAX, MySQL, Apache, Perl, etc.. Additionally, he is the former Bugmeister for Wikimedia; a co-founder and member of MediaWiki Stakeholders; and a MediaWiki/PHP consultant since 2010.

He can be reached via his business email at The most recent copy of his resume can be found below. His personal blog is

MediaWiki Projects and Development | Official Resume